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November 13th, 2007

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05:27 pm - Youtube.com Removes Disgraceful Haggar Dog Crap Video

***Important Announcement***

Congratulations faithful readers! Youtube.com has removed their disgraceful video commercial of clothing manufacturer Haggar's "How to Give Some Jerk His Dog Crap Back".

Your letters and telephone complaints were heard by powerful executives within the corporate head office at Youtube.com.

However, our campaign to fight discrimination and abuse against dog crap must go on!

The Haggar dog crap video is also hosted by Ifilm.com below. Write them and tell them to remove this hateful and discriminatory video.

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Date:January 7th, 2008 01:57 am (UTC)
That video was funny
Youtube.com Removes Disgraceful Haggar Dog Crap Video - World of Dog Crap

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